Asian flower paintings and floral art: a love affair

All of the ones I collect are beautiful, The Tingology created these stunning oils. These Asian flowers paintings really create a calm atmosphere in my home. It is the simplicity of colours that makes these paintings so perfect for my home walls.

My office is more refined than my rest of the house. As I sit and think I really enjoy a great subjective Asian flower art. The perfect thing to hang up there took me quite some time to search for. Enlightenment, an artwork by Soniei was the piece I finally found.

Unexpectedly, at a yard sales I came across an Asian flower oil painting. Yard sales are not my usual source of art, but this painting had been displayed outside and I was tempted to look. The painting I saw at first was of a Palm Tree. A closer look revealed that I had seen a painting depicting a bonsai.

Soniei’s New Zen Sho Collection is a part of the selection. I like his functionality. This abstract is called a good Asian Flower Painting because bamboo features in it. It also has stunning calligraphy.

My mother is a fan of the Asian flower artworks that I collect. When I was on vacation I discovered a piece that I loved in a Hartford-based gallery. This item didn’t match with my residence, therefore I bought it. She really enjoys it. Acrylic trees blooming on two sides. All the different shades of Red make this painting spectacular. She loves it.

The Asian paintings that I love aren’t as appealing to my hubby. It’s just that they don’t communicate with him. The color scheme he chose for the painting he has allowed me hang in his office. His Asian Flower painting that he wanted me to hang for him in the office was a Black and White.

There’s another Asian floral painting by Soniei which has sea-foam shades. Enlightenment, the painting that I had purchased before this one, is more demure. This painting is titled Self-awareness. It’s absolutely stunning. Here is yet another beautiful painting featuring bamboo bedding.

The girl is fond of watercolor Asian flower pictures on fabric. She is constantly watching for the ads of individuals who are promoting each one in her local paper. Already, she has bought three. She has already bought 3.

Asian flower paintings feature bamboo the most. Many of the paintings I found in many media all featured bamboo. In the past few years, I bought so many artworks that I started giving them to my friends and relatives as housewarming presents.